Things To Learn For Buying The Best Frisbees

There are a few things that you must keep in mind while buying a Frisbee, so that you can be proud of choosing one of the best Frisbees in the market. There are lots of Frisbee designs, colors, styles, and features which do get added to the basic model with advancing technology. If you look


What Countries Play Disc Golf

The worldwide activity of disc golf as a professional sport has grown rapidly since 2005 when the PDGA International program was first incepted. The aim of the program was to support and strengthen the players and associations dedicated to the sport of disc golf. As of now, the PDGA has partnered with more than 30


How to find the best disc golf shoes in 2018

You should look for the running shoes to play your disc golf, although spikeless golf shoes can work. By rotation, constant planting, toe dragging and the hard tee pads destroy the shoes very fast. So it is very important to deal with a high-quality shoe if you are a disc golf player. Look for the


Useful Tips to Choose the Best Knee Pads for Disc Golf

Believe it or not knee pads are becoming an essential part of disc golf. It was once only used in sports activities such as volleyball, basketball, football etc as well as in MTB, BMX, rollerblading, skateboarding and other extreme sports and action sports activities. However today it is becoming more and more essential to disc


Disc Golf vs. Standard Golf

Disc golf!

There are only a few things that are similar between the traditional game of golf and disc golf. Today I wanted to share what those parallels are! Disc Golf So you probably already know but Disc Golf is played with a Frisbee or Flying Disc as opposed to a golf ball. You ‘tee’ off from


Rules of Disc Golf

I just wanted to share a super informative yet probably boring post for most of you about the specific rules of disc golf. I don’t want to overwhelm any new players but it can make a huge difference to your game and strategy if you know the rules of the sport. I am a bit