Useful Tips to Choose the Best Knee Pads for Disc Golf

Believe it or not knee pads are becoming an essential part of disc golf. It was once only used in sports activities such as volleyball, basketball, football etc as well as in MTB, BMX, rollerblading, skateboarding and other extreme sports and action sports activities. However today it is becoming more and more essential to disc golf.

So it is important that you choose the right knee pads for yourself so as to offer utmost protection to your knees. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the best knee pads for your needs.

Look for those with a hard shell

It is important to buy pads that come with a hard shell, which provides your knees with additional protection. These hard shells – which are usually made of plastic – make it difficult for you to perform certain movements. However, these can prevent you from injuring your knee joint or scraping its skin during extreme sports activities. This is due to the fact that there is internal padding in them that are made especially to absorb heavy shocks. But if you are into contact sports such as karate or MMA, choose pads with soft fabric that do not impede your motion.

Choose the right material

Knee pads are usually made of any of 4 types of materials – leather, plastic, fabric or metal. Leather pads make you look stylish and offer decent protection to your knees. Plastic ones offer better protection although they do not always fit well. Fabric pads, in contrast, offer a better fit and offer fair amount of protection. The metal ones are preferable if you are into riding motorcycles at high speeds. These are abrasion resistant and durable, and can protect your knees from high impact force. You should choose knee pads in a material that suits your purpose properly.

Look at the cushioning / padding

Foam padded knee pads are used most often, as these come with firm padding and can absorb blows very efficiently. However, foam padding can shift when you fall and there would be nothing to absorb the impact of your fall. Look for pads that come with padding made out of gel that is formulated specially. The gel prevents shifting of the foam with your motion, and can adjust the pad to how you bend your knees. You can also find various types of regular padding constructed out of fabric-like material, which might not be extremely efficient at shock absorbing but can be softer on the knees – allowing you to kneel and perform other such movements freely.

Kyle George