Major Disc Golf Rules to Be Followed For Fairly Enjoying This Game

Disc golf is a popular recreational game of the USA that is played by numerous men, women and even the kids across this country. The rules for playing this game are quite simple and bear much resemblance to the rules followed while playing a club golf game. However, it is mandatory for the interested players to acquire thorough knowledge about the rules of playing disc golf.

Main point of playing this game – The player needs to throw the disc towards a hole and is given points for throwing the disc each time to the target. The chief goal is to throw the disc into a hole with the least number of throws of the disc, just as the ball is hit by a club in a game of golf. The person, who is able to cover all the holes of the field with the least number of aims, is declared the winner of a disc golf competition.

Few simple rules of playing a game of disc golf

 Tee off aim – First of all, the round for reaching the disc to the first hole is termed as ‘tee off’ and the distance from the player’s starting point to the first hole is called the ‘first tee area’. The throw of the disc towards the hole is called to be ‘tee throw’ and the number of these throws to roughly reach the point of the hole is counted for scoring the player.

Lie spot – The initial position from where the player starts his game of disc golf is marked by keeping a smaller disc there and it is termed as the ‘lie’ spot. The distance of this spot and the first hole is to be covered by throwing the disc with all might towards the hole.

Order of throwing the discs – When a number of players are competing in a tournament, the player who succeeds to reach the first hole by throwing his disc the minimum number of times, is allowed to ‘tee off’ or throw the disc first for reaching the second hole. Then the person whose disc travels the farthest distance from the next hole is allowed to throw the disc first.

Dogleg – Dogleg is the tree or a pole that is used as an indicating mark on the way towards the hole. There are quite a number of doglegs that are marked with arrows and need to be passed while throwing the disc towards the hole.

Fairway aim – When the target or the hole is more than 10 meters or more away from the ‘lie’ or the initial position, the player may be allowed to run for a distance from behind the starting point before throwing his disc, which is termed as ‘Fairway aim’. However, it is not allowed if the hole is located closer by.

When the disc lands on a basket placed over a hole, the round of the game is declared to be completed and there is no penalty for the recreational players. For the complete rules read this. 




Kyle George