Major Disc Golf Competitions in the US for the Enthusiastic Players

Disc golf has attained high popularity among the common mass of the US, just as much as the traditional golf games. Hence, now numbers of local and national tournaments are held throughout the USA, where lots of expert disc golf players participate for winning every year. They keep an eye over the announcements of these competitions to be able to participate there and show their skills in disc golf.

Few notable disc golf championships held across the USA

Amateur World Doubles Championship in disc golf is the foremost tournament that is held every year on Mt. Vernon in Texas. This competition is presented by Innova Disc and HouckDesign; where numerous disc golf players have achieved their ranks as Advanced Players and Amateur Masters since the inception of this tournament in 2008.

Inaugural Caddy Games is an enjoyable disc golf competition held at the Hammond Park of Kansas every year during the summer. Both men and women can participate in this competition by paying a certain amount of entry fee. It is generally organized in the late afternoon and extends till evening, as long as the players can enjoy their games of disc golf in the cooler weather.

National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship is held at North Augusta of South Carolina State, where various colleges and universities from all other US states participate for playing disc golf games. It is an event that is usually held for 4 days in April every year, where all the college and university teams are awarded ranking for their performance in this tournament.

Illinois Amateur Championship is organized at Northwood Park of Illinois State every year in April. There are 18 holes designated for the doubles’ championship, where all the participants need to play in pairs and then they may also pair up with the next group of players as well. People can play here on the scheduled date till evening and they need to show up by the afternoon of that day for ensuring participation. There are different levels of games, based on the expertise of the players. However, the entry fees are same for all these game levels.

Junior Disc Golf World Championship is organized every July since 13 years and the children under the age of 13 arrive with their parents or guardians to participate in this tournament. It is organized in the city of Emporia that is located in Kansas. There are all arrangements in this city for their foods, lodging and safety while they stay here for playing disc golf.

There are numerous other disc golf competitions that are organized in various US states on various times of the year, except the winters. The rules are very different from normal golf

Kyle George