How to find the best disc golf shoes in 2018

You should look for the running shoes to play your disc golf, although spikeless golf shoes can work. By rotation, constant planting, toe dragging and the hard tee pads destroy the shoes very fast. So it is very important to deal with a high-quality shoe if you are a disc golf player. Look for the shoes that come with a proper design to give you comfort when you are playing on the rocky terrain or fairways that covered by dew.

What to get when looking for best disc golf shoes:

Breathable and waterproof

Even a shoe that comes with a great level of the waterproof facility is not breathable at all. A shoe that comes with a good combination of these two features can count among the best disc golf shoes. The waterproof shoe is a necessity for some golfers as they need to play in the dew condition of the morning or if they need to play in the courses that come with creek crossings. But it is not enough to get the waterproof lining for your shoes only. You need the shoes with waterproof coverage outside and inside of the shoes. A lighter waterproof shoe may give you more breathable situation.


Tread is an essential factor for the disc golfer if they play in the wet grass condition. Your game may cover different terrains like the dewy fairways, concrete tee-boxes, dirt, roots in the wooded holes, snow and mud etc. So it is important that you get the best disc golf shoes that give you a good grip to play in such places.


It is always important to have a high quality, properly stitched shoe to avoid the situations like the sole ripping out. If you are a professional level disc golfer, constant wear and tear are common for you and only the best disc golf shoes with good material and stitch can withstand such conditions. If the shoe is not enough strong, you will feel uncomfortable while playing the game. Best shoes are reinforced with the high-quality strong materials to save you from the risks associated with different feet movement.


The weight of your shoe will depend that what type of game you are in. Some players prefer to have the lightweight shoes that help them to weigh down while they try to generate more power.

Also look for the durability and comfort level of the shoe. The best disc golf shoes are must be that suits your game style most.

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Kyle George