Disc Golf vs. Standard Golf

Disc golf!

There are only a few things that are similar between the traditional game of golf and disc golf. Today I wanted to share what those parallels are!

Disc Golf

So you probably already know but Disc Golf is played with a Frisbee or Flying Disc as opposed to a golf ball. You ‘tee’ off from a specific location and aim your disc for the ‘hole’ at the other end of the fairway. Every time you throw the disc it counts as a ‘stroke’ and upon completing the hole you add your strokes together to formulate your score for the hole.

There gardens, shrubs, bushes, fences and water features along the fairway which make for great or annoying (depending on how you look at it) obstacles. There are also out of bounds areas and if your disc gets stuck up a tree you need to add in another stroke.

Once you get to the ‘hole’ which is actually a metal netting on a pole you then have the equivalent of ‘putting’ your disc in.

If you are interested in reading the Rules of Disc Golf then refer to my previous post all about it!

Standard or Traditional Golf

This game is played with a bag of different sized and numbered clubs that all have a different purpose. You tee off from the hole with your biggest club – a driver. Then make your way down the fairway with different irons depending on how far away from the hole you are. Once there you then use your putter to put the ball into the hole.

Just like disc golf there will be your fair share of obstacles along the way such as shrubs, trees, bushes, waterways, lakes and ponds. The difference being that golf balls are tiny and very difficult to find should you end up in these areas. So you may need to drop a new ball. Luckily golf balls are a bit cheaper than frisbees so this isn’t so bad.

My Preferred Game?

To be completely honest, I really enjoy both sports and for different reasons. I like that disc golf is a little more social than golf. Well they really are just as social as each other but I feel like I take traditional golf a little too seriously sometimes.

I love that both disc golf and standard golf involve being outdoors which is always beautiful. The parks are well maintained and golf courses immaculately groomed (most of the time). It makes for a really peaceful experience.


In all honesty I love both disc golf and traditional golf! If someone said I had to choose and play only one game for the rest of my life at this stage I would choose Disc Golf!! Shocking?! I guess because I dedicated an entire website to this fun sport says enough. I would love to know your experience, have you ever played standard golf? What do you think? Similar to disc golf or extremely different? Leave me a comment below, let’s connect 🙂

Kyle George