A Newbie to Disc Golf!

Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog all about disc golf! I am a HUGE golf fan and play a wide array of sports. Recently a couple of my golf friends suggested we play a round of disc golf. I had never heard of the sport before and maybe you haven’t either? My interest was piqued to say the least and now I’m pretty hooked! I do suggest you purchase a golf glove, may sound strange but for me my hands were sore! Golf Accessories Reviews has great information about the best golf gloves to choose from so have a detailed read.

What exactly is Disc Golf?

So disc golf is similar to the traditional game of golf minus the equipment. You play disc golf with a flying disc or more commonly a Frisbee. The sport has actually been around since the 70’s with the same objective as golf. You compete with the players to get your flying disc into the end hole in the least amount of strokes/throws.

Just like in the game of golf there is a tee off area and a hole at x amount of distance.  Disc golf use pole holes which are elevated metal baskets where you aim to throw the Frisbee. You must play your shot from where the Frisbee lands, just like in golf. This game is most commonly played in parks so there is a fair share of obstacles including plants, shrubs, trees and different terrains just like on a golf course.

Of course there are their fair share of frustrations in the sport of disc golf with trees being accidentally hit and the disc rebounding back towards you instead of the hole.

Biggest difference between golf and disc golf?

The major difference between golf and disc golf is definitely the price. Discs incur a cost as do the accessories such as gloves, umbrellas, shoes but there are no green fees as they are in public parks and of course no carts to hire. This makes it much more economical and feasible for everyone to play not just those who have the money spare to play.

Where can you play Disc Golf?

The great thing about disc golf is that many public and free to access parks have disc golf all set up. They are all free and you can play as often as you would like to. It can be a very social game if you want it to be! It is a great way to maintain or even build your fitness levels. The sport is growing rapidly in popularity and the demand for new courses is also increasing. In the USA there are already a huge amount of courses open to play at. You can find them all at the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), not just in the USA but worldwide too.

Where to buy Golf Products?

When it comes to buying disc golf products, like I mentioned early it is a pretty low cost sport. All you need is a good Frisbee, a pair of walking shoes, sometimes a glove, maybe an umbrella, and a bag. I personally buy all my golf accessories for both standard golf and disc golf from Golf Accessories Reviews, and particularly enjoyed their Best Spikeless Golf Shoe post. It is a very well put together site that has a stack of informative posts about all the golf products you could need!

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